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Product sourcing secrets revealed:
"Where to Find Truly Profitable, High Demand Products to Sell on eBay..."

Please Note: If you've been pulling your hair out trying to find products to sell on eBay I have some great news for you.

On this very page I'm going to show you some of the high profit products that I sell.

Then I'm going to to tell you how you can find products just like these that you can sell and make huge profits.

New to eBay? Don't worry. The hard part is finding products -- and we're going to solve that little roadblock once and for all. Once you know where to find the products the rest is ABC simple. And I'll show you how to get started fast.

From: James J. Jones
Re: What Do I Sell on eBay?

I used to work for the third largest bank in the country and on the trading floor there was a big sign that read...

When you think about it those two rules apply to just about any business, don't they? Even eBay.

Especially eBay.

In fact, the hard part about selling on eBay is finding products to sell that will make you a decent profit.

With eBay you truly do make your money when you buy an item NOT when you sell it. Learn what to buy -- and how much to pay -- and the rest is downhill sailing.

But, that's easier said then done, isn't it?

When I first started selling on eBay 3 years ago I bought every book on the market about eBay. And they all had some great information. Problem was, none of them answered the main question I had...

"Where do I find products that I can sell
for a profit on eBay?"


I just spent an incredible 7 hours with six of the top eBay Brainiacs on the planet. We did a Roundtable conference call where we talked about nothing but how to find high demand products to sell on eBay.

Now, I know you've probably listened in on a regular teleconference call where there will usually be two people talking about a particular subject. Usually one person is the interviewer and the other is the expert. The interviewer asks canned, rehearsed questions and the expert answers them.

It's useful but a little boring. And since the questions are canned you only get the information THEY want you to get.

A Roundtable conference call, on the other hand is like a…

No Holds Barred Cage Wrestling Match!

With a roundtable call you have a moderator (that's me) plus several participants. The moderator asks a question and then the six participants take turns giving their answers.

What happens is the first guy will answer the question and then the next guy will try to one up the first guy and then the third guy will try to one up the second guy and so on. By the time it gets back to the first guy he comes out swinging and before you know it everyone is revealing their most secret techniques.

It's a real hoot.

After it was all over with I ended up doing another one-on-one follow up call with each of these experts and got them to elaborate on their techniques. (basically, I said, “you've already given away the farm, might as well throw in the cows”)

So, who are these experts?

tim knox Tim Knox -- Tim is the president and CEO of four successful technology companies. He is an expert in drop shipping and wholesaling and is recognized as one of the top product producers and marketers in the country. His newsletter, The Tim Knox Newsletter is read by over 50,000 subscribers each and every week. You can visit Tim's website at
skip mcgrath Skip McGrath -- Skip is an eBay Power Seller and averages over $5000.00 per month in sales. His speciality is consignment selling but he also sells products that are dropshipped and infoproducts. He is the author of several books including The Basic Guide to Selling on Ebay, The Wholesale Buying System, The Complete Ebay Marketing System and How to Start and Run an Ebay Consignment Business. You can find Skip's website at
mike enos Mike Enos -- Mike has sold over $613,000 worth of product on Ebay from home. He has received Ebay's prestigious power seller's award for achieving over 25,000 in monthly sales. Mike was invited to give three presentations on finding products to sell at Ebay Live 2003. He has been written up in the Washington Post and has been a guest on many business radio shows. Mike has helped thousands of people start their own successful Ebay selling business with his free Ebay selling newsletter which you can find at
scott foster Scott Foster -- Scott is the editor and publisher of the Niche Journal which you can find at He has some killer underground Ebay product sourcing techniques including a technique he called, "Seeking" which he wrote about in his book, This Stuff Sells Like Crazy on Ebay.
dave vallieres Dave Vallieres -- Dave has been making his living online since 1999. He is the owner of, a well known and respected source of information for Internet marketers. Dave is the author of several books including Ebay Secrets Revealed, More Ebay Secrets Revealed, and How to make $100,000 a Year Selling Out of Print, Rare and Collectible Books on the Internet. You can visit Dave's website at
terry gibbs Terry Gibbs -- Terry's experience is doing consignment sales led him to write Start Your Own Ebay Consignment Business in 2002. That was the first book written about Ebay consignment and has helped thousands of Ebay sellers add consignment sales to their businesses. His simple, yet powerful techniques will help you get a constant stream of people to sell you their antiques and collectibles. You can visit Terry's website
james jones James Jones -- (That's me!) I've been selling products online since 1996 but I didn't start selling on eBay until 2003. I've spent the past 3 years learning what to sell by observing what other sellers are doing and then figuring out how to do it better. In 2005 I created a course on finding, republishing and selling public domain products on eBay. I've also pioneered an as yet unpublished system for selling affiliate products on eBay (something that most eBay experts will tell you can't be done.)

Here Are Just a Few of the Product Sourcing
Techniques We Covered:

Arbitrage Techniques
Offline Auctions
Public Domain
Drop Shipping
Trade Shows
Storage Bins
Garage Sales
Plus Many Others

And here are a few of the nuggets of wisdom revealed in these calls...

  • Should you specialize in one area or sell in multiple niches?

  • How To Turn Poor Sellers Into Hot Sellers with this One Simple Adjustment!

  • How a Simple Twist Turned a Certain Unsold Product into $20,000 in a Single Month.

  • The Truth About Drop Shipping -- How It Really Works.

  • How To Find Drop Shipped Products that Aren't Oversaturated.

  • How To Create Your Own Drop Shippers.

  • Refurbished Items -- The Perfect Item To Sell on eBay.

  • Where To Find Refurbished Products for Pennies on the Dollar.

  • Where To Find Companies that Sell Pallets of Items.

  • How To Find Manufacturers Who Have Little-Known Products that Aren't Already Being Sold on eBay.

  • True Wholesalers -- Where They are and How To Find Them.

  • How To Use Research to Find Profitable Niches or Products to Sell.

  • Just getting started selling on eBay? Here's How To Easily Earn $200 -- $500 Per Month.

  • How To Sell Downloadable Products on eBay.

  • Sourcing Unique Products at Trade Shows.

  • How To Use the Snowball Affect to Find Hidden Treasure that most People would Never Notice.

  • How To Find Amazing Bargains at Local Auctions.

  • Why Seminar and Training Courses are Great Items to Sell and Where to Find Them Cheap.

  • The "Seeking" Technique and How To Use It To Find Hot Products.

  • How Anyone Can Make a Quick $2000.00 -- $5,000.00 Selling Toys At Christmas!

  • Where To Find Liquidated Merchandise.

  • How To Get People To Bring You Their Hot Product To Sell on eBay.

  • How To Network with Local Businesses to Sell their Products.

  • Plus much more -- over 7 hours and 10 minutes of non-stop brain drain on 6 Audio CD's.

But, that was just the beginning -- check out what happened AFTER the Roundtable calls...

"I Put These Techniques into Action and Recorded Everything In a Video Study Guide!"

In these 2 Video CD's -- 3 hours and 9 minutes in total -- I put these techniques into action. Here's what you'll learn:

CD #1: Product Sourcing Techniques

Beginner Techniques:
  • Garage Sales and Thrift Shops
  • Auctions
  • Seeking Products
Click for Larger Image

Intermediate Techniques:
  • Local Businesses
  • Consignment
  • eBay Arbitrage
    • Misspelling Arbitrage
    • Pricing Arbitrage
    • Positioning Arbitrage
  • Online Wholesalers
Click for Larger Image

Advanced Techniques:
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributers
  • Liquidations
  • Importing
Click for Larger Image

Info Products:
  • Profit Loop System
  • Affiliates Products
  • Public Domain Products
Click for Larger Image

CD #2: Research and Case Studies

  • Viewtracker Tool Demo
  • Using eBay as a Research Tool
  • Marketplace Research Tool
  • Seller Power Research Tool
  • Mpire Research Tool
  • Case Studies
Click for Larger Image

But, that's not all that's included in this breakthrough new course!

You'll also get:

  • What To Buy Cheat Sheet -- A laminated list of hot items that sell well on eBay. Originally created by Robbin Tungett of I've reformated this guide so you can easily carry it around in your pocketbook or purse and have it handy when you happen to come across something that makes you stop and say, "humm, I wonder if that would sell on eBay?"

  • 3-Ring Binder with Transcripts of all the Roundtable session plus all the follow-up calls.

  • Quick Start Guide To Selling on eBay Designed for beginners this short 4-page guide was designed to get you started selling on eBay fast.

    I know what you must be thinking: "The price on this course is probably outrageous."

    Well, it's not cheap. But, then again have any of those $29.99 books ever REALLY taught you what you needed to know to be successful on eBay?

    This is a highly specialized and detailed course. I've paid $1500.00 and up for courses that don't deliver half the information I'm providing you in this package.

    I could charge $1000.00 for a package as comprehensive as this and not bat an eye. But, I'm in the process of moving my offices and I want to get rid of all available inventory so I don't have to move it. So. I'm offering a huge discount to the first 248 (only 72 24 remaining) people who act now. (248 72 24 because that's how many packages I have left in inventory at the old office)

    Here's what I'm going to do...

    Pay just $20.00 shipping and handling now. Then pay just 3 payments of only $75 each over the next 3 months.

    Act Now and Get these Five Bonuses

    • Bonus #1: Member's Only Website with Secret Software Tools and Insider Information (including my own Misspelling Arbitrage Finder Software that absolutely rocks!) -- Value: $500.00

    • Bonus #2: Storage Bin Auctions
      I got into Storage Bin Auctions about 2 years ago and was shocked at the bargains that can be found on these little treasure hunts. In this 45-Minute audio I reveal exactly how to exploit Storage Auctions to find amazing bargains that you can turn into quick cash. Value: $29.00

    • Bonus #3: Confidential eBay Hotsheets 12 Secret Strategies I use to push my auctions to the limit, crush the competition, create a tidal wave of traffic to my listings, and maximize my final selling price. Value: $300.00

    • Bonus #4: Special Collection of Reports and eBooks by the Roundtable Participants I asked each Roundtable Participant to provide at least one special product for you. They came through with exclusive reports, personal wholesaler lists, guides, references and more.Value: $200.00

    • Bonus #5: Republishing High Demand Public Domain Products -- Interview When Terry Gibbs found out about the Republished Public Domain Products I sell on eBay he asked if I would sit down and do an interview for his eBay Mastermind Series. I agreed to under one condition: He had to give me the rights to include the interview in this package. In this hour long eye opening interview we talked about exactly where to find Public Domain products and how to profit from them by creating derivitive works that you sell on eBay. Value: $29.00

    You'll get everything you see below when you act now...

    what really sells package

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    Take a full 6 weeks to look everything over. Then, if you aren't satisfied simply email me and I'll cancel the 3 monthly payments.

    That's right -- Your First Monthly Payment Won't Be Due for Six Weeks after You Order.

    That way you'll have plenty of time to decide if you want to keep the course.

    Heck, if you were a nasty sort of person you could order the course, absorb all the priceless information and then rip me off by asking me to cancel the 3 payments.

    But, I'm betting you won't do that.

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    James Jones

    P.S. Remember, there are only 248 72 24 available. That's all I have in stock, period. I'm not saying I won't do another production run in the future but if I do it will be many months (if ever) and the price will be much higher.

    So, if you're interested you need to act now. You will never get a better deal.

  • Copyright 2006 by James J. Jones. All Rights Reserved.